Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Twelve Injuries of Christmas.

This is my latest project. We were set a brief to work with Number and Print. Apart from that we could choose any theme, so I chose a christmas theme as it's approaching!!! The Twelve Days of Christmas is what attracted me to this theme, with 12 being the obvious relation to number. I looked into many options I could have chosen to make a parody of this song, just to make it my own, and decided on injuries that can, and have, happened around christmas time. The two examples here show food poisoning and drinking, resulting in drink-driving ect.
All the images were monoprints scanned in and resized to make the pages of the book, which I really enjoyed making.

Pepe's First Day of the Dead.

 So, this is a project to do with Sequential Illustration, where I designed a character and made a small sequence for him to come alive in! I decided to follow a theme, which was the Mexican Day of the Dead. This first image is just one of my experiments, where I made a small skull with decorations, much like the ones they make in Mexico. Here it is on my little manakin.
 In my sequence, the idea is that my character (Pepe) is a little soul coming out for his first Day of the Dead after having recently died. You see him come out of his grave, look around and then the final image shows his tiny self in a big, big world! This is a part of what would be a much longer sequence.
This is Pepe. He's meant to be a fairly young boy who is rather confused about the whole business of dying. His stance reflects is vulnerable and timid personality. I really like him! If I had more time I would've enjoyed making a 3D Pepe out of the materials I imagined, such as wood, scraps of materials, and maybe even little bones!

Odds and Sods of first year.

 This was a mini project where we had to make a square that profiled us. All the text at the bottom right is lots of fluff about me as a person. I like the overall look of it, sums up how I like alot of my work to look!
 'Young Austerlitz' book cover I designed, where there is a cloak hanging from a hook.
Making a postcard for Portsmouth is probably pretty hard! But we had to do it, so this is mine. I chose my favourite area of Portsmouth, which is the beach and pier in Southsea where's it's nice and quiet most of the year while I'm at university.

Saturday, 11 December 2010


 This is a set of 5 etchings I did for a project where I looked into Orangutans, and looked into quotes related to the animal. My favourite one is the bottom one!

This is just a little paper mache Orangutan I did for the same project.
I really enjoyed looking into the animal for this project and had lots of ideas whilst experimenting, using all sorts of materials, like post office stickers!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Alfred Hitchcock's Cure For Insomnia

This was a project I did about 6 months ago. It was looking at Alfred Hitchcock, and specifically his 'Cure for Insomnia' which features in his TV programme 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' from many years ago.Here's the little clip where it came from ---